Universal - Engine Stop-Start System deactivation memory module - customized version, permanent MINUS

Memory module for most vehicles which are factory equipped with an engine stop-start system (aka automatic start-stop system). The original button to activate and deactivate the engine stop-start system will be upgraded with a memory function. The programming of the module is individually customized to the MINUS version. There is no further possibility to customise the default behaviour of the module.

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Universal memory module for deactivation of the engine stop-start system for most vehicles - customized version, permanent MINUS

Version of the universal memory module with customized programming:

  • permanent programming to MINUS-version
  • no possibility to change the modules programming
  • Permanent deactivation of the automatic start-stop / engine stop-start system on ignition start. Non permanent activation and deactivation of the automatic start-stop / engine stop-start system during driving is still possible.

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